A Circle of MenIf you are interested in visiting a Men’s Circle in the Southeast area, we have many regular meetings, also called I-Groups (Integration Groups). These include several in the greater Atlanta area, Athens, Macon, Columbus and Birmingham, Alabama


These free events feature discussions of Men’s issues, including what it means to be a man today.
We sometimes refer to our Men’s work as an antidote to Toxic Masculinity. Indeed, much has been made of the changes and challenges facing masculinity in light of shifting societal and social norms.

Since 1984, the ManKind Project has served as a supportive community and a safe place where men can explore these issues.
Our Men’s Circles provide a forum for men to share about their lives and to hear other mens’ truths. Circles explore teachings from other cultures and indigenous people, and frame masculinity from the perspective of four male archetypes: King, Lover, Warrior, and Magician.

All meetings are confidential, and any man may pass on any process. This means that there are no requirements to participate in discussion. We often find that sitting in a room of men discussing issues can have a profound effect, whether speaking or listening.

We invite you to take the risk and check out a Men’s Circle